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Herefordshire Community Networks

Herefordshire Community Networks is based in Dewsall, approx 4 miles south of Hereford city. It is bringing better broadband to the rural communities of Dewsall and Callow

“We've been working with Wansdyke for nearly a year now. They have a deep understanding both of the technology and the needs of rural communities. We look forward to the continuing success of this initial service”

/// Food & Tourism Partnership

“Our rural landline broadband was not fit for purpose, and many of us had installed both satellite as well as wireless broadband services. What we're now getting is a proper fibre to the premises solution”

/// Dewsall resident

“By and large we are a farming community, but with some businesses that are totally dependent on good broadband, like Dewsall Court, an enchanting wedding and corporate events centre

/// Dewsall Court

All these communities are changing their lives by doing it themselves
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